Bryan Looks Forward to a Great Smile After Braces from Clifton Orthodontist

Sixteen-year-old Bryan is a junior in high school. He loves to play basketball and football – but he doesn’t love his smile! That’s when Diamond Braces arrived to help.

After a referral from his general dentist, Bryan scheduled a consultation with orthodontist Dr. John Castronova at Diamond Braces Clifton New Jersey. The Clifton team always like to ask our patients to jot down what they most looks forward to after orthodontic treatment: he wrote, “Having a nice smile at the end of treatment.” We couldn’t agree more, Bryan: an excellent reason to straighten your teeth!

Dr. Castronova quickly sat down to examine Bryan’s teeth and arrive at a diagnosis of his dental conditiongaps between teeth, along with a deep overbite. Luckily, Dr. Castronova and the rest of the Clifton office team is extremely experienced at treating both of these conditions, so they assured Bryan of a smooth and effective braces treatment!

It’s been about two years: here he is on a recent visit to the Clifton office. Things are progressing smoothly, and Dr. Castronova has informed Bryan he’ll soon be ready for de-bonding – the exciting day when braces come off! As you can see by his wide smile, Bryan is definitely ready for the big day! His treatment had gone smoothly, largely thanks to his own hard work keeping his braces clean and his teeth healthy. He’s an expert flosser – he notes that he prefers the specialized floss threaders that make flossing easier with braces on.

Dr. Castronova praises Bryan for his excellent progress: “he’s been a great patient. I think we’ll be done in the next month.” Then it’s on to retainers to preserve the results of his beautiful smile – and a lifetime of smile joy! With a Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee, Bryan’s grin will be in good hands for years to come – and Diamond Braces New Jersey team will be here to keep him and our other patients smiling!