The Curious Incident of the Dog (and Misha’s Retainer!) in the Nighttime

Misha and her mom didn’t really plan to come back to Diamond Braces so soon – Misha finished her braces treatment almost a year ago! So what are they doing here at the Astoria office? They told us the whole story when Misha was done with her visit. 

Here’s what happened: Misha’s treatment was completed. Her teeth were beautifully straight and she was sent home with her nighttime retainer, given to all patients after their treatment to ensure their teeth stay straight. Her mom, Marie, thought everything was going smoothly.

But that’s where Charlie came in. 

Who’s Charlie? Well, Charlie is the family dog, a small and mischievous mixed breed who snuck into Misha’s bedroom and went straight for a delectable chew toy: her retainer! Unfortunately, Misha had neglected to put her retainer in the case – a common mistake – and Charlie had a great time tearing it to pieces. When she couldn’t find her retainer that night, she found pieces of it on the floor and quickly identified Charlie as the culprit! 

“He didn’t even seem guilty,” Misha tells us. Bad Charlie! 

Worried that she would get in trouble for not taking care of her retainer, Misha avoided telling her mom about the chew-toy incident…for seven months! Marie finally found out when she asked Misha how the nighttime retainer routine was going and Misha fessed up. 

“I should have known!” Marie exclaimed – “The same thing happened with my older daughter, and she lied about it too!” 

It turns out Charlie had developed a taste for retainer. Misha’s sister had also avoided telling her mom until several months had gone by. 

“Kids!” Marie says, shaking her head and laughing. 

Luckily, Diamond Braces was able to see Misha right away and get her fitted for a new retainer. Although going seven months without wearing your retainer is never a good idea, her orthodontist is glad she’ll be back on track with her new one. Plus, she has a permanent retainer on her bottom teeth to keep them straight - Charlie definitely can’t chew that one! 

What is Misha planning to do differently with this retainer? “Put it in the case every night!” And Marie wants parents to know, “Check in with your kids every night – tuck them in and make sure they’re wearing their retainer!” 

Good luck, Misha, and Marie – and don’t get any ideas, Charlie, your retainer-chewing days are over!